Vastu Tips for Money Matters

Vastu Tips for Finance

When your financial movement is slow or stagnant, keep at least one light on throughout the night. Things will certainly brighten up. Light is yang energy, which speeds up things.

According to Vastu

Fish aquariums are wonderful for wealth. Choose the active, lively and healthy fishes and make sure that they are strong swimmers. Keep the water clean and aerated. Their constant movement keeps the energy of wealth also on the move.

Vastu Shastra says if the entrance to your apartment lies at the end of a long corridor, then the energy flowing of a long corridor, then the energy flowing towards it will be too fierce. Adding too much risk to your financial investments. Its effect can be softened with a plant placed halfway down the corridor.

Make your front door distinctive to attract wealth within. Paint it a colour that shows it is different from the neighbouring walls.

Vastu Tips for business

If business is bad, place decorative boulders or curved pathways or pebbles around the structure. This will increase the movement of financial energy.

Are you looking for more clarity in your financial life? Take a look at your windows, mirrors and your glass and crystal items. It’s amazing what clean windows can do for the balance sheet. Dirty glass restricts money flow.

Hanging crystals in your window activates energy. When the sunlight hits them, they produce the most amazing rainbows. Choose a window the gets direct sunlight. This will throw up a multitude of openings for your career growth.

Vastu Tips for money matters

If you find your expenses beyond control, place live plants or grains in the toilets, these keep the money from going down the toilet, because symbolically growing things reabsorb water energy and keep it recycling.

Hang a mirror to reflect your cash box or locker. It symbolically doubles your wealth and opportunities.

Vastu Shastra suggests that place a birdbath or feeder in the yard to attract wild life, which will increase the amount of energy around your home. Birdbaths and bird feeders are wonderful acts of cleaning up your finances and attracting prosperity from all directions.

Vastu Tips for prosperity

If money seems to disappear from your life, put some weighty or solid objects in the far-left corner of the room or house, plus extra light.

Need Increased prosperity? An energy boost? A fountain with the soothing sound of moving water is just the thing for you. Whether on a desk or in an important room, nothing attracts money and reliable luck like a water fountain, running water helps move positive energy through the space. However take care not to direct the water flow towards the exit.