How to Make Drink Coasters From Old Magazines

You can make nice looking coasters from old news prints. Almost every home has a pile of old newspapers. Newsweek, Time, and Washington Times – the list goes on and on. Little did you know that you can convert these discarded materials into useful drink coasters. So you see, you have more than enough papers to make several beverage coasters.

You can find several of these old papers stored in the attic or basement. With an hour of time and a few tools, we will be able to turn these papers into something useful – beverage coasters.

Making coasters from old newspapers is a practical way of material reuse, going green, showing your concern for the environment, conserving the ecosystem by recycling and saving space at home.

The procedure for making the coasters is very simple. You will require some old magazines (preferably ones that have not browned so much), spray gloss and Mod Podge. To make the beverage coasters attractive, you will need pages that are very colorful.

Pull out several pages from the newspaper, say 15 of them. Keep folding them into a roll. After rolling it, gently bend it in to a circular shape. Make sure that the ends of the rolled newspaper actuality touch each other. You can make as several rolls as you want depending on the number of beverage coasters you want.

Next, pour the Mod Podge over it and use your palm to flatten any protruding part so the top surface becomes uniform. The top needs to be even so that when you can place a glass on the resultant drink coasters they don’t tilt. After some time, the glue will dry. At this stage, you should not be able to see the ends as it should be neatly blending into the other.

After it is dry, you should see flattened disk shaped objects. Those are your home made coasters.