Can You Tell Me a Little About Where Custom Rhinestone T Shirts Came From?

Rhinestones date as far back as the thirteenth century. At that time they were called Czechoslovakian or Bohemian glass because they were created in Bohemia and the Czech Republic. The actual name rhinestone originated from pieces of crystal (glass) found in Austria’s Rhine River, hence giving them the name of Rhinestones. Since Rhinestones could only be found in this one river, their popularity took off greatly between the very wealthy and elite.

Rhinestones were used on the Kings clothing in India before the Crusades by the Kings tailor to impress the King. The tailor did this by glueing the rhinestones to all of the kings clothing. Rhinestones were also very popular during the Renaissance period among the wealthy. Glueing Rhinestones to clothing took off as a popular fashion, and has stayed alive throughout time. Custom Rhinestone popularity increased throughout the world during the late 1900’s.

In the 18th century a man named George Frederic Stras came up with the technique of applying lead to the back of glass to enhance the shine and brilliance. This man applied the idea to rhinestones to create a product that was more lavish than the original. This is how “strass” became known as the reference to rhinestones. Now instead of using the actual rhinestone gems, it was possible to create the same results using meticulously cut glass and applying the lead to the back to enhance them.

About a century later in Austria, Daniel Swarovski created a new glass-cutting machine that cut faceted glass, which allowed the production of rhinestones to go much faster. Now because of this machine the stones were created with thirty percent lead content, giving them a greater radiance and shine. Swarovski was one of the reasons rhinestones were influenced so greatly in the use of jewelry and adornment. If you look today, you’ll find that most of the rhinestone jewelry fashioned today uses what is called the Swarovski Rhinestones.

During the Victorian era, rhinestones were often used on jewelry shaped like snake and flowers. Victorians also wore rhinestone rings, and when extravagant jewelry was no longer en vogue, smaller, simpler rhinestones were used to help enhance a look of elegance.

Rhinestone jewelry was admired even more admired following the First World War in America and Europe. An alternative to diamonds, rhinestones were the dazzling solution to those who couldn’t afford authentic diamond jewelry but wanted the touch of glamour that they had missed during the years of fighting. The future of Rhinestones took off one way or another since then to be used with jewelry, clothing accessories, as well as custom rhinestone t shirts.

During the 1960’s it seemed that almost everyone was gluing rhinestones to their clothes. The use of iron-on transfers opened up the opportunity for people to create rhinestone inventions through the arts and crafts niche. This created a huge impact on the world, and the fashion industry was never the same. These Iron-on rhinestones could now be found in many different facets of daily life, from clothing, to accessories, and even as bridal decoration.

Fashion companies started using these colored glass rhinestones to create thousands of different types, colors, and shapes for hobbyists everywhere. Even Hollywood took off with the idea of using Rhinestones on costume designs. This stands to reason since the original purpose of using rhinestones was a sign of wealth, glamour, and exuberance.

With this in mind you can see how the use of rhinestones took off as a reflection to represent a high quality addition to any type of fashion clothing, or clothing accessory. Any endeavor to purchase a normal piece of clothing takes no really special skills. However, what you gain in retail convenience you lose in originality. Any item of clothing purchased in this manner is sure to also be worn by hundreds of other people around the world. Why not show everyone who you really are by selecting clothing that will describe your unique personality, charm, or life style through the use of rhinestones? They are cost effective and provide the opportunity for you to create your own design.

The process of creating clothing and accessories with iron on rhinestones is a process that has been refined, and a lot of do it yourself shops have opened up to supply the market with such services. If you’re looking for something to buy for yourself, take a look at some of the companies and decide which one you want to use. Take into account the fact that some of them have been doing this for quite some time now. One of those companies is Rhinestone Wear.