Everyone knows that most of the world population has probably doodled at one time or another.  Doodlers are everywhere, day-dreaming and scribbling aimlessly throughout their lives; never developing their talents.  Only a few dedicated individuals have diligently striven to achieve their graduate degrees in doodling.  This achievement is not easily attained but requires many years of practice, personal sacrifice, and practical completion of several levels of doodling before one can append the cherished MAD (Master of Doodling) to his surname.
     The tyro of doodling is the squiggler.  The squiggler is an elementary level student serving an apprenticeship of several years, working toward attainment of a novice rating.  The squiggler's doodles are characteristically immature depictions of two dimensional squares, rectangles, circles, stars, triangles and simple basic figures interspersed with haphazard scrawls, scribbles, smudges and blots; only serving to bewilder the viewer and to reinforce his head-shaking disbelief that here, in truth, is an uneducated doodler.  Upon completion of an arduous apprenticeship, the squiggler advances to a middle school level and is now entitled to hold the novice rating of alpha-numerologist.
     The alpha-numerologist no longer composes his doodles haphazardly, but has learned to cover his scraps of paper with orderly, comprehensive doodles.  The alpha-numerologist has a greater tendency toward using alphabetical and numerical figures in many two-dimensional forms, large and small, block-style, cursive and exceptionally, Old English styles.  In most cases his doodles are pleasing to the viewer's eyes and are often very informative should names, places, telephone numbers or addresses be doodled.  Upon completion of middle-school, the alpha-numerologist is well prepared for matriculation into high school and four additional years of intensive study to finally obtain his diploma and advancement to the much sought after  designator, Solidus Geometricus.
     The Solidus Geometricus doodler has reached a high point in his doodling career.  Two-dimensional squares, rectangles, circles, stars and triangles have evolved into three-dimensional cubes, boxes, spheroids, pentagons, pyramids and a smattering of crucifixes, cylinders and cones.  Alpha-numeric forms are also three-dimensional, flaunting more than a degree of expertise in their careful composition and shading.  Most world doodlers discontinue their educations at this point, more than satisfied with their standings as Solidus Geometricus doodlers.  A few, however, continue on to institutions of higher learning to obtain their BAAD (Bachelor of Artistic Doodling) degree.
     Someone who has attained a bachelor's degree is considered a connoisseur.  He now has the enviable ability to combine all he has learned about doodling into landscapes, still-lifes, figure studies, and numerous other conventionally artistic doodles.  All of the artistic doodler's works are now extremely pleasing to the viewer's eyes.  Attainment of a BAAD leaves the artistic doodler standing at a crossroad.  The decision must be made either to cease further education and seek lucrative employment, or to continue his education and work toward his Master of Doodling (MAD) degree, majoring in impressionistic doodles.
     The impressionistic doodler is the virtuoso of all doodlers.  He has attained the apex of his art.  Impressionistic doodlers create complex combinations of squiggles, alpha-numerics, solid geometrics, and conventional art.  The impressionistic doodler knows that he has reached perfection and that his doodles are inked inspirations; that they are magnificent masterpieces.   The untrained viewer, however, sees impressionistic doodles as shapes and forms interspersed with ornate but haphazard scrawls, scribbles, smudges and blots, only serving to create bewilderment and head-shaking disbelief.

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