In 1850, four of Gunn's children by his first marriage were alive. His eldest daughter was living in Rhode Island.  Dona (or Donald) Marcus was working at a printing office in Boston.  James C. assisted his father at St. Thomas for a portion of the time covered by these entries. Margary Jessie the remaining member of Gunn's first family worked both at home and in the printing office.  The Cullaiton mentioned was a partner in publishing the Western Liberal.  The dear C. or Catherine referred to occasionally was Gunn's second wife, and mother at the time of a growing brood of small children.  Although Gunn had hopes of re-establishing himself in the printing business after moving to London, the death of both Dona Marcus and James C. during the early 1850's effectively blocked these plans.
22d. April 1850.
     1.  In our Printing Office finished 60 of 1/4 Bills for McIntyre and Ross. Also 2d.  A Dozen small Bills for Samuel Hughes.
     3d. After that Jas C attended in preparing for the press an exposition of our Canada Law practice in our transaction with Joseph Cowley 1848-49...
     5.  Adjusted paper after candle light....
23d. April 1850.
     2.  Jas C was engaged at compositor work on the subject which he had in hand yesterday.  No Job work came on.
     4.  I attended anow to working and accounting matters.
24th April 1850.
     2d. James C. Attended our Printing Office
     3.  In the evening I attended with him.  Got 100 of 1/8 Bills done for a Mr. Crandell calling a Meeting on 11th May to adopt proximate arrangements for getting a Harbor inside the entrance of the Catfish River to Lake Erie.  This job paid $1.1/2. = 7/6 Cy.
25th April 1850.
     2d.  Transacted business in the Printing office.  One Horse Bill for Wm. Mandeville 10/-, and a Carding Machine Bill for Edwd. F. Morgan, Sparta.
26th April 1850.
     2d.  Corrected a brief of an exposition of transactions with J. Cowley, London.
     1.  After breakfast &c, James C. and myself examined a put up the press.  I job- one of my own exposing J. Cowley's conduct to us -
     3.  After tea Jas. C. & I printed 200 of 1/4 Bills for the Empire Fire Insurance Co. at Saratoga, New York State.
     2d.  My dear boy James C. proceeded early to Port Stanley to embark on the Steamer for
     Buffalo to see his brother &c.
     3d.  We advised him very urgently to wait for fine weather but he would not!!
30th April 1850.
     1st. My dear daughter Marjory & I attended on business at our Printing Office today. Printed 100 of 1/4 of a Sheet Bills.
     2d. Wrote and despatched a letter on business- A reply to N. Bate, Port Hope.
     3.   Gave 8 copies of T. By Laws to Kent to sell.
The 1st day of May, 1850.
     2d.  Attended in the Office to accountant business &c.
     3d.  Despatched a No. of the Universalist Advocate to the Editor of the "Inverness Courier."
     4.   Despatched a Note on business to Samuel Hughes, Yarmouth.
     5.  Despatched a Note on business Edwd. F. Morgan.
     6.  Mr. Springstead called & received Blank law forms printed for him & for which he paid Jas. C. some time ago.
     7.  Wrote a Note on business to Mr. Tomlinson, Port Stanley.
The 4th day of May 1850.
     1st. Mr. A.S.W. Howard came to the office & paid for some little printing done for one Samuel Hughes.
     2d.  Wrote and despatched in the evening a letter to Honble J.G. Price, Public Land Office, Toronto.
     3d.  Called on H. Warren and ascertained about Hanvey's liability to us.
     1st.  Prepared a few additional Bills for Morgan, Sparta 7/6. Pd.
     2d.  Amended a word in the 100 Bills for J. Freeman 5/
          and order on McKenzie                5/
     3d.  I also made 48 Horse Bills for Elihu Marsh Malahide   10/1. 7.  6
8th May 1850.
     1st.  Got payment from W.H. Warren payt of judgment v. Harvey...
     2d.  Wrote a letter to James Leslie Provincial Secretary
     1st.  Closed up for despatch a letter, enclosure & 3 copies of my "Observer" to Mr. James Leslie the Provincial Secretary, Toronto.
     4th I settled in full account with D.W. Rowland the Watch Maker.
10th May 1850.
     2d.  Despatched a letter with enclosure to the Provincial Secretary & 5 Observers.
     3rd.  Attended on the Office & received an order to print on 50 cards from Wm. H. Doan.

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