Notes for MARCUS GUNN:
Marcus' New Brunswick years.  SOURCE:  PatPope@nbnet.nb.ca
From notes on teachers:
     "GUNN, Marcus, native of Caithness, Scot aged about 34; married; 3 children; Protestatnt; CofS; attended grammar school and studied at Aberdeen U; emigrated last fall and being accidentally detained in Miramichi all winter has been asked to keep school an by a predilection for literary pursuits he has been induced to comply.  Very literate; endorsed by residents [of Napan? Black River?].  dtd May 01, 1829 (PANB, Teachers Licenses, F10320)."
GUNN, Marcus, #3 Chatham, 1829 (School returns index, StMM).
GUNN, Marcus, #3 Chatham, 1830 (School returns index, StMM).
GUNN, Marcus, teaching in Chatham parish term(s) ending 1830 (F7644: Ct Gen Sessions).
GUNN, Marcus, teaching in Chatham school #1 term ending June 1833 (F7644: abstracts).
In the late 1820s, the Rev. James Thomson, Presbyterian minister at Chatham, recommended two young men as catechists, including:     "...one from Caithness, a Mr. Gunn, who has the Gaelic language and who I think would answer well for a catechist for Black River, where there are a good number of Highland people, but as his time would be wholly taken up with the school and visiting the people, he would require 50 a year from the Society for 5 years.  He is married and has three children and was destined for the ministry and attended several sessions of the College of Aberdeen, was in communion with the Church of Scotland in...(blank in printed text)xxxand brought with him an excellent certificate from Mr. MacIntosh, the parish minister..."  (Note: Pat Pope found no evidence that this appointment was made).
THE GLEANER, a newspaper published at Chatham, carried the following notice in its issue of January 22, 1833:
     "DIED at Newcastle  (Miramichi) Monday eve., 14th inst., Jessie (sic in index) Swanson, w/o Marcus Gunn, age 31, leaving husband and five children".  (from NB Vital Statistics from Newspapers, vol. 5).
THE GLEANER of June 25, 1833 carried the following:
     "DIED at Newcastle, 14th inst., Jessie (sic in index), infant s/o (sic in index) Marcus Gunn, formerly a merchant in Thurso, North Britain, age 5 mos., 23 days".  (from NB Vital Statistics from Newspapers, vol. 5).
Another reference to Marcus is in connection with William Henderson, formerly of Thurso, Caithness, Scotland, who was said to have been referred to as a butcher in "Marcus Gunn's Register."
In 1833, upon the death of Janet (Jessie), his wife, , Marcus relocated to Nova Scotia.  In 1844/5 he settled in St. Thomas where he and his sons ran a printing business.  In 1851 he moved to the vicinity of London until his death in 1878.
In 1845 Marcus traveled to London, Ontario from Nova Scotia with the intent of buying a farm.  On Sunday, May 13, 1845 a fire in the hotel burned his trunk and all his papers.
From a history from St. Thomas, Marcus became a newspaper editor there. The article stated that Marcus was born in Caithness on September 26, 1798.  After military service (Sergeant, 78th Regiment) he emigrated to New Brunswick in1827.  Upon the death of his [1st] wife [Janet Swanson] he moved to Nova Scotia in 1833.  In 1844, he settled in St. Thomas. where he and his sons ran a printing business.  In 1851 he moved in the vicinity of London, Ontario until he died in 1878.
In 1850, four of the children from his first marriage were alive.  His eldest daughter, Johanna,  was living in Rhode Island, Dona (Donald) Marcus was working in the printing business in Boston; James C. and Margery Jessie, the youngest daughter, worked at home in the printing business.
Catherine McPherson was his second wife's name.  Dona Marcus and James C. both died in 1850s.
A cousin, John Sutherland, was there and is mentioned in the copy of this diary.  Marcus' diary does mention sending a letter of petition for land in 1850.
More notes:
     M. Gunn, lately secretary and treasurer, and now corresponding member of the Thurso Didactic Society, announces an evening school; dated 24 Nov 1828 (MERCURY, Chatham, NB, 25 Nov 1828)
     Marcus Gunn calls on people who are indebted to him to pay up as he is about to remove from this part of the province (GLEANER, Chatham, NB, 18 Mar 1830).


                                                                    A. G. Bogue
Marcus Gunn was born in Caithness, Scotland on September 26, 1798. After some military service he emigrated to New Brunswick in 1827.  Upon the death of his first wife he moved to Nova Scotia in 1833.  In 1844 he settled at St. Thomas, Canada West, where he and his sons ran a printing office and established several short-lived newspapers, the St. Thomas Observer, the Middlesex Standard, and the Western Liberal.  In 1851 Gunn moved to the vicinity of London, where he lived until his death in 1878.
     Some years ago various diaries, accounts, and papers belonging to Gunn were deposited in the University Library through the good offices of Orlo Miller.  Entries in the 1850 portion of the diaries show the business transactions carried on in a printing office one hundred years ago.  These and others which reflect the business life of the London district have been selected to make up a Note.

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