Thomas Truesdell son of Richard Milne and Julia Lee Batteris was born in Philadelphia, April 2 A.D. 1863 at 15 minutes past 2 o'clock A.M.  Grandson of Thos and Harriet Lee Truesdell.

Abigail Lee wife of William Lee deceased April 30th 1808 aged 48 years 3 mo & 17 days.

William Lee Jr. Son of William & Abigail Lee deceased February 27, 1811 Aged 16 years 10 mo. & 8 days.

William Lee Sr. Deceased October 20th 1814 on Thursday night Eleven O'Clock and ten minutes.   Aged 56 years, 4 mo and 17 Days.

Mary M. Penniman wife of Obadiah Penniman deceased May 10 1816 Aged 27 years 11 months 13 days.

In Washington County on the 27th altimo John K. Lee of this town in the 22nd year of his age - son of the late William Lee - his premature decease will long be deeply remembered by his remaining friends.

Julia Lee Whipple wife of Richard Whipple and daughter of William and Abigail Lee deceased October 7th 1837 - on the 47th year of her age.

William Lee was married to Abigail Kinnicutt in Providence 17th day of April 1785 by John Dorrance Esq.

Obadiah Penniman and Mary Lee Daughter of the above William & Abigail Lee was married 30th March 1807 by the Rev. Stephen Zano in Providence.

William Lee was married to Anstik(?) Updike daughter of Ladowick Updike Esq. Of North Kingston 25th Sep. 1811 by the Rev. Stephen Zano.

Thomas Truesdell was married to Harriett Lee daughter of the above Wm & Abigail Lee 11th day Oct 1811 by the Rev. Stephen Zano.

Julia Lee was married to Daniel Whipple Dec 1822 daughter of William & Abigail Lee.

Abby Lee Penniman daughter of Obadiah & Mary Penniman was married to Sanford Newel.

Caroline M. Penniman daughter of Obadiah & Mary Penniman was married to Lucius Spencer.

Mary Lee Truesdell daughter of Thomas and Harriett Lee Truesdell married 8th of May to Charles W. Frederickson of Halifax Nov. Sco May 8th 1844 Brooklyn, NY.

Julia Lee Truesdell daughter of the above Thomas & Harriet Lee Truesdell Married to Richard M. Batteris 26 June 1844 Brooklyn, NY.

Johnston October 30th 1766 then was Born Naby Lee Daughter of Charles Lee & Amey his wife which was Fryday --

1786 February ye 26th then was married Samuel Bowler to Abigail Lee Daughter of Charles Lee & Amey his wife by parson Oliver.

December 9th 1786 then was Born Charles Lee Bowler Son of Samuel Bowler & Abigail his wife which was Saturday.

Amy Morris Bowler daughter of Samuel & Abigail Bowler born March the 10th 1789 Tuesday.

Providence 12th June 1813 Then departed this life Abigail Jenckes widow of the late John Jencks Esq. And daughter of Samuel & Abigail Lee aged Sixty nine years this day.

William Lee Sr. deceased on Thursday, Oct 20th 1814 at 10 minutes after 11 o'clock P.M. aged 56 years 4 months and 17 days.  The third generation born in America was W. Lee.

1758 NY John Lee & Avis Anthony married in N.Y.

August 24 1758 Then was born John Lee the Son of John and Avis his wife about ten o'clock in the morning which was Tuesday.

December 12th 1761 Swansey then was born Sarah Lee Daughter of John Lee and Avis his wife about 5 o'clock the morning being Saturday.

1764 March 11th Then was born Martha A. Lee Daughter of John Lee & Avis his wife on Sunday about 11 o'clock at night.

1768 April 23  which was Saturday.  Then departed this life John Lee in the 42 year of life in Montego Bay in the island of Jamaica.

1760 Newport Rhode Island May 8th William Lee was married to Mary in the Friend's meeting.

1761 June 20th Newport Rhode Island then was born William Lee the Son of William and Mary his wife about eight in the morning which was Saturday.


The Truesdell Family Bible (Cont'd)